[Review] “The Art of Statistics” by David Spiegelhalter

Having spent the better part of the last four years neck-deep in statistics, I didn’t expect learn much new material from this book but I was pleasantly surprised. In The Art of Statistics. Spiegelhalter covers all the topics you would expect to see in an introductory statistics lecture, but without agonising numbers and equations. Instead, Spiegelhalter focuses on helping the reader build an intuition for the topics through case studies and visualizations. I had encountered much of the material before in statistics classes (and admittedly skimmed some pages), but still found my intuition getting reinforced and concepts clarified for topics I had started to forget or never really figured out in the first place (*ahem* bootstrapping *ahem*).

I would especially recommend this book to who have been curious about statistics but balk at the sight of numbers and equations. Statistics at its finest is about building an intuition for understanding data, not sophisticated number-crunching and mathematical proofs. The Art of Statistics does a great job treading that line.



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