How did women do in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

For all its invocation of Bharat Mata, the Indian political realm is still far from equal for men and women.

1. The number of female candidates and winners has been consistently rising

2. The proportion of female candidates has also been rising

3. On average, female candidates have a higher success rate than male candidates

However, the vast majority of candidates in Lok Sabha elections end up losing their election deposits, i.e. they garner less than 1/6th of the total valid votes cast in their constituency.

4. The gap between cumulative female and male vote share has been declining

5. Female participation is not evenly distributed

6. North Eastern and Southern states seem to have relatively fewer female MPs

7. Most female MPs still come from national parties, though state parties are catching up

8. Out of parties that secured more than 10 seats, the Federal Front of state-based parties outperforms in female participation

Figure A

Figure B



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